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Makeover Vacations in Simple Steps

Customer Guide – To Makeover Vacations Patients/Guests

In providing a quality service to our customers we have a guiding principle which is to “partner you all the way” during your treatment. This approach enables us to do the work of seeking the most appropriate medical treatment abroad for you, allowing you to focus on your health and well-being.Our flexible, tailored and complete service will cater for all your needs whilst ensuring you are treated at a quality medical centre, at an affordable price and with a service that exceeds your expectation. Below is an outline of the steps that we take when organising your treatment to provide you with a seamless service from the day you enquire to the day you return home after having your treatment abroad. Phoenix Direct Management 

The Steps To Take

    • Step 1

Complete a “Get Free Consultation” form for initial contact to be made and for us to send you an indicative price.


    • Step 2

Complete a simple medical history form which will allow us to match your requirements to one or a number of our associated medical centres.


    • Step 3

Should you decide to proceed, your accommodation and travel arrangements will be finalised. We can also at this stage where possible to organize to speak to one of our partner medical staff.


    • Step 4

Fly to Kuala Lumpur where you will be met on arrival at the airport and driven to your accommodation or medical centre.. All our medical centres are located near major airpots


    • Step 5

Attend a pre-consultation meeting with the doctor, surgeon or specialist looking after your treatment. We will arrange for you to be picked up from your hotelif you are not staying at the medical centre.


    • Step 6

At this stage, your medical treatment will be carried out. We will also be able to give progress updates to your family and friends at home.


    • Step 7

Recuperate in the medical centre or at your hotel or or vacation resort before flying home depending on the treatment and advice from your doctor, we can also arrange bookings and tours for you before or after your proposed treatment.


    • Step 8

makeover vacation will ensure that all medical reports are received from the hospital and will provide support 6 month after your treatment.